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I am a Disciple of Christ, YouTuber, Streamer, and husband. I'm passionate about the Gospel, tech, and (obviously) gaming! I work full time as an Anti-Money Laundering Investigator. I thoroughly enjoy discussing people's questions about Him, and hearing others' testimonies! I'm married to my lovely wife of 7 years, and we have 2 cats that are dying to make their big debut. Hit me up on Discord, Twitter, or really any other social media site that you see here!


A long time (meaning over the age of 50) gamer and blessed to be the father of 4 adult gaming kids with 3 son-in-law gamers and family in the gaming industry. I am just an aeronautical engineer who loves Jesus and likes to game. I have been a Christian since 16 and recommitted my life to Jesus at 42 after I fell. God pursued me and restored my life and my gaming. I live on the West coast in Washington state. Besides PC gaming, I am into comics, tabletop games (D&D and boardgames), movies and being a nerd.


I'm a US Navy Veteran, Systems Administrator and Security Engineer. I play games every now and again and stream my content live when I get the chance. I enjoy playing Elder Scrolls Online, Grand Theft Auto, and a few others. Primarily I stream with ESO. I'm a Christian and Southern Baptist


Keep up with this married Youth Pastor based out of Pennsylvania on Twitter and YouTube. Enjoys Video Games, Comic Books, and profound spiritual discussions.


"Family-Friendly Christian Twitch Affiliate! Co-Admin Mighty Grace Positive Gaming, Member of God Mode Activated and The Unashamed Network! A man of many hats; Single father of two children, seminary graduated Youth Pastor, podcaster, guitarist, website administrator, graphic artist and much more!"


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